Get Involved

Are you looking to give back to society or are you looking to support a good cause?

The Wings Programs is looking for people like you to help us with rehabilitating and transitioning horses to new homes, and to help us support the sanctuary horses that are not available for adoption for various reasons.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Facebook administrator/blogger - Filled
  • Photographer
  • Newsletter Writer/Publisher
  • Daily Chores
  • Mucking
  • Feeding
  • Grooming
  • All-around Handy Persons
  • Ranch Repair and Projects

Meet Our Volunteers/Supporters

The Wings Programs Volunteer

Ranch hand Ariel Joseph with Rita (red on right) and Blanca (white). Thank you Ariel for your regular support, which allows us more time to focus on fund raising.

The Wings Programs Volunteer

Ben from Missoula with his favorite horse Wrangler.

Amy May posing with Colonel volunteers 2 days a week and comes after work. Sometimes she brings her son so he can learn about horse care and ranch chores.

This is Elise Sweg with her sponsor horse Amigo. Elise has been a supporter since before we became an official non-profit program. Elise donates her time, one day or more each week to come out and do mundane tasks, like mucking pens. But she also makes time to visit with the horses and give them attention.
EIise is also one of our regular donors, in dollars and in feed products. Thank you Elise. We would not be here without you.

Stephen Two Eagle is our newest volunteer. He is posing with 29 year old Colonel, a registered Morgan. Welcome Stephen.

Meet Lori Helms Hare posing with her favorite horse Dance and her trusty muck fork. Lori does a great job of keeping the front pens clean and neat. The front pens are right on Eastside Highway and visible to everyone driving by. Lori makes sure we have "curb appeal".

Tanya Drayton, White Bird Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy, working on Dutch.

The Wings Programs

Debora Lay founder of The Wings Programs