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The Wings Programs Louise

Louise is looking for a place to call home

A new residence in need of rehabilition before she can be re-homed. Louise would love a sponsor to help with her rehabilitation while we try to find a new permanent home for her. Local sponsors can visit her. We will keep everyone updated on her progress.

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Wrangler is looking for a sponsor


  • Previous Off Track Throughbred
  • Previous Professional Working Rodeo
  • Born 1986
  • Enjoying his retirement
  • Looking for a sponsor

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Arabian/QH mare
Born 5/2003
Lola has a club hoof on the front and required regular and specialized farrier work. Lola participates in equine learning and therapy programs.

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Nikki is looking for a sponsor

Born 1994
Nikki has both Insulin Resistance and PPID (Cushings Disease). She requires medication and a special diet. Nikki is a quiet lead mare and enjoys visitors. Please consider sponsoring and visiting Nikki

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Rita is looking for a sponsor

Mustang/Paso Fino
Born 2006
Rita is going through rehab for lameness and is in need of a Sponsor.

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Quarter Horse
Blanca our newest member is approximately 12 yrs of age. She arrived at The Wings Programs in July of 2017 and she is starting our rehabilitation program Read More