Meet our horses who are up for adoption...

Adoption Application

We do charge a $50 processing fee with your adoption application. Rest assured, that this fee will be applied to the adoption fee if you are approved to adopt one of Wings Programs horses.


All horses that are accepted to The Wings Programs goes through a very thorough evaluation process.

The process begins by…

    • Evaluating health issues including soundness, illness and/or injuries needing rehabilitation.
    • Evaluating the horses level of experience and prior training.
    • Evaluating for mental and emotional issues.
    • Identifying what training is needed to transition them to their forever home setting them up for success.

Once all needs are identified, a comprehensive rehabilitation plan is developed.

All of this activity is overseen by The Wings Founder Debora Lay

Debora is a professional equine behaviorist and horsemanship instructor.

A BLM approved Mustang trainer, Debora has owned and operated LayzD Equine Services LLC since 2003.

Debora specializes in Natural Equine Health Care, is an Advanced Certified Natural Hoof Care Professional and Equine Nutritional Consultant. She has extensive experience in treating metabolic conditions. She has studied and mentored under national experts in these fields and consults internationally herself.

Her horses have been used in the Black Stallion Literacy Project, Reno Rodeo and on award-winning parade teams in addition to various Equine Therapy Programs. An EAGALA Level II Certified Equine Specialist, Debora co-founded Haven’s Horses and has worked with other equine programs prior to starting The Wings Programs Inc.

Ready for Adoption in Spring of 2018


Born 1996
Beau, relinquished by his owner, has many trail miles on him, carrying many different people. Beau was a bit thin when he arrived in early 2016 but has gained weight and rehabbed nicely. He is barefoot with excellent hooves, and had his dental work done. Beau has had some sore back issues in the past, being treated by a local veterinary chiropractor. Beau’s rehab is almost complete and he will be ready for adoption to his forever home soon. Beau is very good under saddle and is ridden bitless.

Wings Programs PeachesPeaches is ready for adoption.


She is a 40" tall mini mare, approximately 20 years old in good health. Peaches is small in size but big in personality. She pushes the big mares around and is fearless in the herd.
Peaches came from Bitterroot Therapeutic Riding. She cannot be on pasture as most minis are easy keepers and require limited or no grazing.
Peaches came to us in December of 2017 and has gone through extensive hoof rehabilitation